Squirrel Removal Services for Chattanooga Residents

When dealing with squirrel infestations in Chattanooga, it’s crucial to contact local wildlife control professionals for effective removal services. These experts understand the behavior of squirrels and have the necessary tools to handle the situation safely. By reaching out to them, you ensure that the squirrels are removed without causing harm to them or your property. Local wildlife control pros can also help you identify and seal entry points to prevent future infestations, creating a more secure environment for you and your family. Their experience in dealing with similar situations gives you peace of mind knowing that the problem will be resolved efficiently. Don’t hesitate to seek their assistance when facing a squirrel infestation.

Signs of a Squirrel Infestation in Your Home

If you notice gnaw marks on your property or hear scratching noises coming from your attic, you may be experiencing a squirrel infestation in your home. Here are four signs to look out for:

  1. Chewed Wires: Squirrels have teeth that continuously grow, leading them to gnaw on wires and cables.
  2. Droppings: Squirrel droppings are small and cylindrical, resembling rice grains.
  3. Nesting Materials: They often use insulation, leaves, or debris to build their nests.
  4. Unusual Noises: Listen for scampering or scratching sounds in your walls or ceilings, especially during early morning or evening hours.

Being aware of these signs can help you identify and address a squirrel infestation promptly.

Common Problems Caused by Squirrels

Squirrels can cause a multitude of problems for homeowners, ranging from property damage to potential health risks. Here are four common issues caused by these furry creatures:

  1. Property Damage: Squirrels can chew on electrical wires, wooden structures, and insulation in your home, leading to costly repairs.
  2. Noise Disturbances: Their constant scampering, scratching, and gnawing sounds can disrupt your peace and quiet, especially if they nest in your attic or walls.
  3. Health Risks: Squirrels can carry diseases like rabies and parasites such as ticks and fleas, posing a threat to you and your family’s well-being.
  4. Garden Destruction: These critters often raid gardens, eating fruits, vegetables, and flowers, causing frustration for garden enthusiasts.

Wildlife Removal Services for Squirrels

If you’re dealing with pesky squirrels in your home, it’s crucial to start with a thorough squirrel home inspection. This inspection helps identify entry points and assess the extent of the infestation. Following this, squirrel trapping methods are employed to safely remove the critters, and exclusion techniques are used to prevent their return, including necessary repairs to seal off entry points.

Squirrel Home Inspection

During a squirrel home inspection, our trained professionals meticulously examine your property for any signs of squirrel activity. They will search for chewed wires, insulation damage, nesting materials, and entry points that squirrels may have used to access your home. Inspections may include attics, crawl spaces, and outdoor areas where squirrels are known to frequent. By identifying these key indicators, our experts can determine the extent of the squirrel infestation and develop a tailored removal plan to address the issue effectively. It is crucial to address squirrel problems promptly to prevent further damage to your property and ensure the safety of your family. Trust our team to conduct a thorough squirrel home inspection and provide you with peace of mind.

Squirrel Trapping

Effective squirrel trapping requires a strategic approach that prioritizes humane removal methods while ensuring the safety of both the animals and your property. When setting traps, it’s crucial to place them in areas where squirrels frequently travel, such as near trees or along fences. Opt for live traps over lethal ones to safely catch the squirrels. Make sure to check the traps regularly, preferably every 24 hours, to prevent undue stress or harm to the captured animals. Once caught, handle the traps carefully to avoid injury to yourself or the squirrel. It’s advisable to contact wildlife removal professionals for assistance in trapping and relocating squirrels, ensuring a safe and efficient process for both you and the animals.

Squirrel Exclusion and Repairs

When dealing with squirrel exclusion and repairs, it’s essential to thoroughly inspect your property for potential entry points and promptly address any openings that could allow squirrels to enter. Start by checking your roofline, vents, chimneys, and any gaps in the siding or foundation. Squirrels are adept at finding even the smallest openings to sneak into your home. Seal off any holes or cracks using materials like wire mesh, steel flashing, or caulk. Trim tree branches that are close to your house, as squirrels can use them as bridges to access your roof. It’s crucial to prevent these critters from entering your home to avoid damage and potential health hazards. If the task seems daunting, consider hiring professionals for a thorough exclusion and repair service.

Squirrel Prevention Tips

To prevent squirrels from entering your home, start by inspecting your property for any potential entry points such as gaps or holes in the exterior walls. Here are some tips to help you keep those pesky squirrels at bay:

  1. Seal off any cracks or openings in your home’s foundation and walls.
  2. Trim tree branches that hang over your roof to prevent easy access.
  3. Use metal mesh or hardware cloth to cover vents and chimneys.
  4. Keep your outdoor trash cans tightly sealed to avoid attracting squirrels with food scraps.

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